Modern business runs on data

Risk Institute have built enduring relationships with financial services organizations by incorporating advanced business practices and market leading technology to deliver a range of actuarial and analytical solutions. Our experts develop valuation, stress testing and monitoring tools to smoothly integrate the solution in your portfolio.

We provide both classic (Chain-Ladder, B-F methods) and stochastic (bootstrapping, Mack) methods for claims reserving. Liabilities adequacy test falls within scope of provided service. We also work to assist you with regulatory reporting, accounting treatment and future management decisions.

Our experts educational background of the British institute of Actuaries as well as wide experience in cooperating with world largest insurance groups, helps to understand specific of different types of business.

Through our lengthy experience we guarantee speed, efficiency and accuracy of our solutions allowing you  to successfully tackle the  most complex challenges.

Our calculations are approved by the biggest international auditors (Big 4, Baker Tilly, BDO) which  guarantees the best quality of our results.