Modern business runs on data

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Risk Institute performs analysis of the company profitability for individual types of insurance or period in the context of insurance products, structural departments and rate classes.

Actuarial methods for revaluation of balance sheet indicators are conducted in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Information systems developed by the Risk Institute experts allow one to get reliable information, and to calculate reporting metrics in accordance with the requirements of the “best estimates” by IFRS.

The Risk Institute has accumulated a significant amount of Ukrainian insurance market statistics that allows one to see both macroeconomic developments in the insurance market and compare the profile of each client losses with those in the combined database.


Actuary role in the task of loss control

To take forehanded management decisions one needs immediate information about the profitability of an insurance product, and to respond to the “hot spots” of the financial results - understanding of the key reasons for their occurrence (it can be both abusive acts and single cases). The decisions taken without analyzing the hidden causes of their appearance may adversely affect the company's development. For example, double penalties can reduce the amount of potentially profitable segments, and double discounts can significantly distort the financial result.

Actuarial review of the company portfolio profitability will provide an opportunity to maximize the validity of insurance rates establishment and lead to stability of financial results and ability to plan profit.