Modern business runs on data

Risk Institute develops  methodologies for calculating real and nominal rate of return of insurance reserves, methods for calculating the distribution of additional investment income among the insurants, undertakes proper training and education of the insurer employees.

Additional investment income is a key factor in determining the attractiveness of cumulative life insurance. In the developed countries real return provided by the insurers may significantly exceed deposit rates. In Ukraine there are quite stringent restrictions on the assets that may represent insurance reserves, and therefore we have limited opportunities for investment and real rate of return is not high.

Experts of the Risk Institute provide the entire range of services related to distribution of bonuses, namely:

  • calculation of real and nominal rates of return;
  • clasification of insurance contracts according to the selected range of criteria for further distribution of bonuses within each group (rate of return may vary for each group of contracts);
  • explanation of the principals of income rates calculations and bonus distribution for the insurer employees. Preparation of employees to answer possible questions of the insurant;
  • consultancy for the top management;
  • analysis of the indicators of real and nominal rate of return on the market.